Wooden Travel Backgammon Game Sets

There are many types of wooden travel backgammon game sets to choose from. Many of them are conveniently available online.

Wooden travel backgammon game sets always look elegant and never go out of style. There are models that are carved with intricate designs or inlaid with contrasting wood or other materials. There are also streamlined versions that simply showcase the natural beauty of polished wood.

The existence of antique wooden backgammon sets that could very well be taken while travelling is proof that it lasts and ages well. Even the brand new wooden travel backgammon game set you buy today can become tomorrow's heirloom piece.

Unlike leather sets, the wooden travel backgammon game set is sturdy. Any accidental scratches can be carefully polished to near-invisibility.

The wooden travel backgammon game set is also portable and easy to transport. Designed like an attache case, it folds up and becomes a storage case for all the game pieces and accessories. It also comes with a secure clasp or lock.

The wooden travel backgammon game set can be as long as nineteen inches or as compact as six inches when folded. Most are non-magnetic although you can also find several models that have been modified to become magnetic inside while retaining their wooden exterior.

There are some models of wooden travel backgammon game sets that include chess and checkers, as well. These give you even more value for your money. They may also surprise you with their sophisticated looks. One example comes in rosewood that has been exquisitely carved and inlaid with mahogany and chinaberry.

The prices of wooden travel backgammon game sets offered for sale in the Internet vary widely. Although they all seem very similar, they may differ in craftsmanship and in details like the quality of their metal fittings, interior materials and accessories. It is best to read the fine print on each offer and compare a wide variety of products before ordering.

If you want the best quality interior for your wooden travel backgammon game set, find one with a playing field lined in pure high grade wool felt. This will muffle the sound of the thrown dice and will never fade or fray.

Antique wooden travel backgammon game sets can cost about a thousand dollars. Most brand new models, however, range from $200 down to $9.99. They come in beech, mahogany, oak, walnut, camphor, rosewood, burlwood and sheesham wood.

Your choice of wooden travel backgammon game set will depend on your budget and the kind of travelling you will be doing. There will surely be one that will fit your specifications.

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