Online Backgammon Common Courtesies

Nowadays, even online backgammon bots say "hello" when you start a match with them. So it only follows that we, as people, follow online backgammon courtesies as well. Also, it only helps that we don't drive other players away by being an infamously rude opponent. That way, we'll be frequently engaged in matches for as long as we like. So here are a few of these common courtesies that we can integrate when we play online.

Greet your opponent so they'll be reminded that an actual human being is playing the other side of the board. More often than not, online backgammon players just go through the ropes of inviting and playing with a mechanical attitude. This manner hardly makes the game any fun at all even if one is winning all the time.

While a conversation during the actual game can take away from concentrating on the match, it's good to ask where your opponent is playing from. Some may ignore this question but you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that most players enjoy a casual conversation. This not only builds camaraderie between backgammon enthusiasts, it also solidifies a good reputation regardless of how high or low one is in the ranks.

Speaking of ranks, one of the noticeable points of online backgammon is that servers automatically rank players and these show on the players' list. So, don't be too snobby and decline an invitation from someone ranked lower than you.

It may be reasonable to play against those in the same ranks as you but it's advisable to, once in a while, go out of your comfort zone and play with a higher ranked player and vice versa. This is very helpful for both parties because the lower ranked player can learn more and the higher ranked player will either add a notch to their belt when they win or be surprisingly motivated when they lose.

Practice common courtesies when you play online backgammon. While a simple "hello" will suffice, it doesn't hurt to ask where your opponent's location is. Let's be honest, the worst thing that could happen is that they ignore you and in that case, just brush it off. But it's extremely gratifying when a short and decent conversation transpires. Also, don't be a snob when you've been invited by someone lower in the ranks than you are. Truth be told, you wouldn't want to be ignored when you send out any invitations either. So long as they have a good record (records will automatically show when playing online backgammon), it's a good invitation.

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