Backgammon Champs in America

Backgammon is known as one of the oldest board games all over the world. This is played by two players wherein the pieces are moved based on the roll of dice. Several Americans are known for being expert players of backgammon. If you are one of those who are interested in playing such board game, get more inspired by learning more about several American backgammon players.

William Eisenberg is not only an American backgammon player but also a bridge professional. In the '70s, he triumphed at the world bridge championships for teams, and in 1974, he won the world title for backgammon. It was in 1998 that he became an inductee into the American Contract Bridge League Hall.

Jason Lester is also an American backgammon player. But he is more famous for being a professional poker player. He also had a special participation in the motion picture "Lucky You," starring Drew Barrymore and Robert Duvall.

Perhaps, not a lot of us know that American actor and Screen Actors' Guild president Alan Rosenberg used to be a backgammon player. He developed his passion for backgammon during his college years and in 1982, he became the backgammon champion in New York.

American backgammon player Joseph Russell is from Los Angeles, California. Among the backgammon titles he held were the 1999 Rio Pro-Am title, the 1995 American Backgammon Tour Championship title, and the 1989 Backgammon World Championship that was conducted in Monaco.

Kit Woolsey is a well-known bridge and backgammon player worldwide. Apart from being a bridge and backgammon professional, Woolsey is also a well-renowned author of books about the same subjects. He is also the editor of the online publication "GammOnline."

Another American backgammon player is Bill Robertie. He also excels in chess and poker, and has written or co-written books about those three topics. Those books include "Backgammon for Serious Players," "Master Checkmate Strategy" and "Harrington on Hold'em: Volume I: Strategic Play."

Backgammon is only one of the hobbies of the late computer scientist Robert W. Floyd. Apart from backgammon, he was also passionate for hiking. Floyd was recognized to have several notable contributions in the computer science industry.

You might also be inspired by the life of American backgammon player Paul David Magriel Jr. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Magriel is not only a backgammon expert but also an author and professional poker player. He also became a chess champion in New York when he was only 19 years old.

Also from Las Vegas, Nevada is American backgammon player Erik Siedel. Backgammon was his first interest until he decided to move on to playing poker. His winnings, mostly from playing poker, total to over $7,000,000.

So if you think your passion for backgammon should be pursued, just like what these American backgammon players did, then you always have the opportunity to try your luck in such game. Who knows, you might be as lucky as them in playing backgammon.

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