Backgammon Boards Available in the U.S.A.

There are a variety of backgammon boards that can be bought in the United States of America (USA). And if you are one of those backgammon players who are interested in purchasing backgammon boards but have not found the right ones yet, then we encourage you to read on and check out some of the backgammon boards that we will feature. All of these backgammon boards that we will mention are available in the USA.

The simplest backgammon board that you will find in USA forms part of the Roll Up Backgammon Set. The board is of black and gold colors and it comes with magnetic pieces. The complete set also features a black decorative tube. The entire set will cost you US$18.99 only.

If you are interested in buying a portable backgammon board, then the 9" Backgammon Set is ideal for you. The case of this backgammon board is made of vinyl and it also has a strap. It features a zipper as fastening. The color of the backgammon board is blue and it is matched with magnetic pieces too. You cannot purchase the backgammon board separately. You have to buy the entire set, which is available in USA, but we guarantee you that it is worth every penny. The cost of the complete backgammon set is US$29.99. Aside from blue, this set comes in burgundy.

There are also backgammon boards available in USA that measure fifteen inches. The case is made of vinyl in which the dominant color is burgundy with a horizontal stripe in black as its design. It features clasps as its fastening. The design of the backgammon board features burgundy, black, and gray colors. Of course, the complete set comes with chips, dice, and cups. This attractive backgammon set can be purchased for only US$29.99.

There are backgammon boards that also measure fifteen inches but are more expensive. This is because the backgammon board and the entire backgammon set exude elegance. The case of this set is made of black suede and the backgammon board itself features gray, burgundy, and black hues. It also has a clasp fastening that makes it look like a brief case. The price of the entire product is US$47.99 in USA.

These are only some of the backgammon boards that you will find in USA. We have featured backgammon boards from the simplest ones to the best ones to make sure that we get to reach all kinds of backgammon players.

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