Benefits of a Game Review

Every once in a while a situation we are in during a game will be quite similar to a game we previous played. One good trait every player should obtain is to learn from past mistakes. Remember that when performance is recorded and is reported back progress increases exponentially.

When we review our previous games we've played we get a chance to go back in time so to speak. We have a chance to relive the previous situation and see what good or bad we've done. A player can remember the difficult situations he went through and rethink his game.

The first tool or skill we can put to use to review previous games is to learn backgammon notation. It is like making things easy and we won't need to use any machine to do this. All we need is just a pen and a piece of paper. Backgammon notation is pretty simple and describes even very complex movements in the game.

Ok, so we have our games recorded on paper and we're reviewing them is that enough? An extra step a player can do to review a game and improve his skill level is to get a second opinion. Show the game to other enthusiasts and see what they have to say. Players can even exchange notes and learn from other players as well.

After some time you will look back and review a game where no dice rolls seems to be going your way. The truth is, that happens to everyone and you're in no unique situation. As a player keeps reviewing he'll find some moves that should have been played differently. And in the process the learning curve is shortened.

When we review previous games we gain some form of mental discipline. Part of that is the humble acceptance that a player can never win all the time. Mental discipline resulting from a review becomes a strength in a player's character.

Being able to play the game in his mind and preparing his arsenal for the next games to come, a player becomes more prepared to face the heat and win. Why? Because that player has played that game over and over in his mind a lot of times before.

Do you ever wonder why the matches of chess grandmasters are often recorded in books? There is a good reason behind this enormous task. When we study the moves of the grandmasters we are looking at the game through the eyes of a master. The decisions will often astound players.

This is also true for backgammon. When we get a chance to study the moves played by the world champions we learn a lot more than we can ever hope to achieve on our own.

Learning from past mistakes, increasing our strengths, and learning from the pros are just a few of the benefits we get from a game review of backgammon matches.

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