The 13/7 8/7 Opening Play in Backgammon

Point making rolls in backgammon are rolls in backgammon that allow you to make a point. This comes in very handy during the opening roll in backgammon. Point making rolls have their importance depending on the position of the point they make.

The 13/7 8/7 opening roll is particularly interesting in that it presents a unique strategic advantage early in the game. We'll discuss the strategic advantage open to us when we do a 13/7 8/7 point making opening roll in backgammon.

Doing a 13/7 8/7 is the only reasonable play for an opening roll of six-one. The strategic advantage we get out of this play in the opening roll is that we immediately make the bar point. The bar-point is indeed a very important point to control early in a backgammon game. Owning the bar-point in the opening roll gives you a great position early in the game.

By doing 13/7 8/7 in the opening roll you immediately shut out the farthest point your opponent's back checkers can reach in one dice roll. This makes it harder for your opponent to escape those backgammon checkers.

Another advantage we can get out of the 13/7 8/7 play is that we get an instant little prime early in the game. Forming a prime early in the game serves you well in a backgammon game. You now only need a few more points to cover to make a really strong prime.

Your next goal should be to bring down other builders to add to your prime and make it even harder for any of your opponent's backgammon checkers escape your home board. The likely candidates are the checkers on the mid-point of the backgammon board.

Comparing the six-one and the three-one opening rolls, the three-one still serves better purposes in backgammon than the six-one. The big advantage for the three-one is that you are already making a home board point early in a backgammon game. You are not only building a point on the home board; you are keeping the five-point.

Owning more home board points early in a backgammon game gives you some allowance to take some chances while your opponent should be careful not to leave any open checkers. As a summary, owning a home board point early in a backgammon game is more valuable than owning the bar point. Just remember that the bar-point is still an important point in backgammon.

Playing 13/7 8/7 in the opening roll of backgammon gives you the advantage of making a prime early in the game. That is a significant advantage if you can get that early in a backgammon game.

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